Patient Amenities Fund Appeal

Investing in new facilities to help our patients and visitors feel at home

Patient Amenities Fund Appeal


The Patient Amenities Fund was created by Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity to help make the visits of patients and visitors to our hospitals as comfortable as possible, through a range of new furniture and equipment.

Staff at the hospitals submit projects for consideration on an annual basis, with the best one selected to gain a share of the fund, dependant on the positive impact they are likely to have.

Unfortunately, NHS funding will not stretch to cover many projects supported by the fund as they are not deemed to be “essential”, but as many staff, patients and visitors can testify, they make a considerable difference to the comfort and experience of visiting our hospitals.

For the last few years, the Charity has allocated £100,000 a year to the Patient Amenities Fund, which has led to many improvements and benefits for patients and visitors to our hospitals.

Because the fund has been so successful, we would like to increase the fund to £150,000 for 2016/17 to make even more worthwhile improvements to our hospitals.

In 2015, the Fund helped support a diverse range of projects that all had a positive impact on our hospitals’ patients. These included:

  • Staff in the catheter labs at Harefield Hospital noticed that some patients felt uncomfortable in the cool, air-conditioned atmosphere. Now, patients are given warm blankets after their procedure
  • A portable treadmill for isolated cystic fibrosis patients, to allow them to gain exercise and help with their long term health.
  • The entire weighing patients process is now quicker and less disruptive to everyone, thanks to a new high-spec electronic hoist that makes changing position smoother and more relaxing for patients
  • The purchase of CD and MP3 players means that patients can enjoy relaxing and therapeutic music and audio tracks whilst in hospital – this in combination with therapy sessions is now playing a vital part in their recovery